Dan does the best towels in the business. Does Dan know what a police stop sign is? Artie got one right before he started a new job and it didn’t go well. Artie talks about maids and the famous Montreal maid. Artie told Dave Chappelle about that day he had sex with the maid. Paul Morrissey was with us there and had a great joke. Artie brings back our buddy Orny Adams. Artie wonders if he’s played it all wrong with women? Artie and Dan talk about Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’. Artie quizzes Dan on the ending. They listen to the ending. What goes on in Woody Allen’s head? Marlon Brando stops by to the podcast. What if Pat Summerall had to promote ‘My 600 Lbs. life’? We promote ‘The Crashing Tour’.

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