Artie is joined by Mario Bosco and another person that is banned from the Howard Stern Show, former intern Steve Grillo and some friends. Artie talks to Steve about what he is up to these days. Steve asks, is in the bad boy seat? They discuss what you get when you leave “The Howard Stern Show”. Artie talks about the neighborhood on the west side and the westies. We play a famous tape from “The Howard Stern” Show with Artie and Howard doing an impression of Steve and Tracy. They explain the tape and that Steve was supposed to comp the team for drinks. Artie wants to promote “Crashing”. Mario Bosco lets his racism out. The group is watching a very flimsy weatherman. Jimmy Kimmel comes on and Steve says he hates him.  Artie corrects something about “The Howard Stern Show” and Gary’s office. Some DJ gave his opinion to Artie and he was dead wrong. We get into why is Steve Grillo is banned from The Stern Show.  What is Ralph’s job? Can someone please tell us? Ralph joins the show matching all of Howard’s clothing. Artie was supposed to do a tape for Adam Carolla but he doesn’t want to do it. Artie likes Adam but he doesn’t want to do the tape. Adam is the Lou Gehrig of podcasting. Artie does a tribute to a great actor and restaurant owner Frank Pellegrino who died yesterday. We dissect the ‘Stuttering John for Senate’ tape.

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