We have two special guests from Fox TV, Diamond and Silk, that Artie wants to explain. Artie says Rex Tillerson is shady and he breaks into our broadcast. Artie needs to relieve himself. Dan is embarrassed by it. Al Franken went off the other day while Artie was watching. Why would Tillerson want the job? Dan gives the explanation of ‘pound cake buying’. The difference between ‘white and wong’. Artie loves Chuck Grassley. Artie explains why he does a voice with Diamond and Silk. We have on Diamond and Silk and Artie stays in character. We have loads of laughs with these ladies. We insert Lorne Michaels into ‘The Godfather’. Artie is featured on ‘The Tonight Show’ and we play that clip as well as a few more Jimmy Fallon and Conan clips.

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