Artie’s buddy Dan “The Bad Cop” joins the show. Artie talks about a special holiday he spent where Dan grew up. What happened to Eric Roberts? How was Orlando Jones as a roommate? Artie breaks some news to a woman’s parents. On Super Bowl Sunday, Barry Switzer joins the show. “Where are they now” with a few of Artie and Dan’s buddies. The Boy Athlete Of The Week. A MadTV story with Artie and Orlando. Why was Orlando Artie’s hero? We have the best podcast on the planet! Artie is on a roll so jump on! Artie won a big bet and he is ecstatic. Dan is ok at giving directions. We discuss the┬ánew Aziz Ansari app. Artie tells people why Bill Maher forgot to introduce the guests. Artie throws out some bait for Dan Falato. Artie gave a beat down to “Senator” John Melendez. Dan is too classy to fight John on Twitter. We discuss the Super Bowl and why the Pats won. Stuttering John is out of his league and nothing could put Artie in a bad mood after his big win today so jump on fans!

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