We are joined by our buddies Mario Bosco and Johnny Styne. Artie is on a up swing these days and everyone should jump on. Goldie Hawn had one of the finest asses ever! What boy didn’t dream about it? Artie doesn’t like L.A. women. He reminds us what a dope Pauly Shore is. Artie discuses the lying no talent scumbag on Twitter. Tom Brady is blessed by God and Artie will tell you how. Mario takes another comedy class. Bill Maher is such a tool but Artie still watches. Mohammad Atta and his stripper names? Atta wants to do stand up comedy and be like his hero Dice Clay. Al Sharpton comes in to bitch to Artie and try to make him realize that Donald Trump isn’t his friend. Then we talk about the big showdown that could happen at SiriusXM! Will Artie run into Howard or will they ban him? Artie discusses all the possibilities. Johnny Styne reads a funny story that he wrote for a new humor magazine. Artie replays something someone sent him about his feud with ‘Eric The Midget’.

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