Artie does a special intro to explain the show. Artie did something very bad in his room and he wants to know if Dan saw it? Artie is doing a benefit for the police. What is going on with the Golden State Warriors? Artie discusses the tour coming up. Artie explains the show. Artie and Gilbert Gottfried will try to be offensive. What are the words and conduct you can’t do on Howard Stern anymore? Gilbert worked with Bill Cosby and Artie talks about it. Artie sings a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. Gilbert wants to talk ‘Subway’ sandwich. Artie and Gilbert go in depth on the Tracy Morgan story. Artie talks about Hitler and what went wrong? Gilbert wants to hear the ‘John Melendez for Senate’ tape. They break it down and wonder why he didn’t just record it over? This will ruin their relationship with John forever. Artie makes fun of the John and Craig Gass feud. Is it breaking news? John certainly thinks so. Gilbert talks about his documentary.

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