Artie and Dan are watching Super Bowl Commercials and is there a new 24? Artie is excited and he will tell you why? Artie and his former manager did not dress well in meetings. Does he need Ralph (from The Stern show) for some tips ? Artie thinks Ralph would like to dress Albert Einstein and Albert will have none of that! Artie’s mom loved Paul Newman. Keith Jackson joins the show until the door buzzer rings and The building has a water shutoff again! Next we listen back to Artie’s pre Super Bowl joke fest with WOR 710 AM’s Pete McCarthy.¬†Finally, Artie is reunited with Jon Ritchie and they immediately get into the old act. They talk about all the classic bits on DirecTV¬†and the recent heart-attack of our buddy Mike Bocchetti. Artie talks about how he met Jon and why we finally chose him. Jon talks about laughing all the time. The guys talk about HBO’s Crashing and how Artie was picked for the show.
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