We are doing a show from Artie’s room with A.J. Benza and Rick from LA. Artie wants an official point from Dan. We talk about ‘Crashing’ that will debut tomorrow night. Rick from LA has some things he wants to talk about with Artie. Artie did the ancestry.com test. What would be hell to Artie? Artie gets a call from his agent. Artie wants to explore Rick. The CNN comedy special is horrible. What is the deal with all the women comics? Rick tells us how he became a fan of Artie. Rick has may questions involving DirecTV and Stern. AJ has started to watch Rick Steves but Artie still thinks he’s flimsy. Rick has some impressions he wants to do for everyone and Artie takes off with them. Artie can’t stop doing an impression of Rick. Rick’s wife wants him home.

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