It’s The Oscars with Dave Juskow who has some big bets on the show and actor Mario Bosco. Artie watched the pre-show and there was a big woman on there. Ryan Gosling just came on the screen. Viola Davis just kept on going and after last year nobody will stop her. Did Mario do his homework? The Rolling Stone Magazine top comedians of all time is embarrassing. Dave has some bets on The Oscars and he just won another one. Dave and a celebrity dated the same woman and he tells us the story. What happened the good old days of Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones? Is Artie the new Seth Rogen? Will Artie go see Hamilton? Dave has some issues with Crashing! Crashing is on and Dave is jealous of Artie. We call Mike Bocchetti but have phone problems. We continue to call Mike.

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