It’s Artie and Dan in a late night show. Artie has to share with you his new “600 lbs. life” favorite person. Do they have Insane Clown Posse tattoo’s? Yes they do and the 600 lbs.’er is a fan of The ICP.  What would happen at ICP concerts with the soda. Artie recalls the first time he saw the “War Pig’s” video on MTV. Artie does a little tribute. Artie talks to Dan’s sister. Artie wants to have a contest with Mike Bocchetti for “most disgusting noise” . We wonder how Mike is doing? We have some exclusive tape of the “Trump Wall” being built. Artie asks about President Trump’s nominees. He saw Al Franken do something during President Trump’s speech.  Al was funny on SNL. Why is everyone so mad about the Deptartment Of Education? Artie has a new song Welcome Back Charter… Schools. How about that TV Show? Artie ran into Chris Rock. We make a listeners dream come true and call him on his birthday except it’s at 1:30 am the day after. Tyson wants to become a comedian. He explains his life and Artie’s head is about to explode. Tyson’s wife comes on because we woke her up. Artie talks to the wife and Tyson’s kid that we woke up. They are going to have to sell one of the kids for his dream to come true. Artie says you have to watch Crashing because this is exactly the show!

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