Artie is with comedy writer Johnny Styne and Falato. He talks about a buddy of his that was the best street fighter he’s ever seen. He tells the story of a Bruce Springsteen concert where his girlfriend didn’t help the issue. Why doesn’t Dan focus on the Cubs and stop watching Northwestern games? It’s Oscars time and Artie combines an award winning movie and a popular TV show. Artie finishes the story of the fight at the Bruce Springsteen concert. Artie didn’t know about Charlie Rose’s health issue and made a joke. Harry Caray joins the show and talks about the days of living near “The Improv Olympic” in Chicago.  The embarrassing Rolling Stone top comedians list gets another beat-down by Artie but this time in song form. Artie tells the story of being watched by some friends as a child and being given a special wake-up call.

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