Artie starts out the show eating and he doesn’t care what people think. We are recording in an amazing room overlooking Detroit. We ran into David Spade. Russ doesn’t like the chairs in our room. Artie talks about Russ’s standup. Artie and Russ joke about Tim our road manager. Artie’s buddy Fran isn’t Mr. Positive and apparently someone disappeared? Artie talks about Montclair State and gets a surprise. Artie and Russ had a rough experience with the TSA and the flight here. Where is Richard Simmons? Do we want the Tracy Morgan deal? Artie and Russ disagree about Chevy Chase. Dan has to go to the bathroom. We need to get Simpson’s money! What did Sam Simon do with his share and to Artie? Can you turn nice on your deathbed? Sam was a nutty, perhaps too nutty Howard Stern fan. There are assholes that are nice to their pets. Artie has some good and horrible memories of Sam but something is unforgivable. The GM is here so we have to do the show.

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