The very talented Ilana Becker and Anthony Bozza join us. Artie talks about bugging Alice Cooper in L.A. Artie and Ilana talk about Crashing. Chris Distefano has a new TV deal and he wants Artie to play in it. Ilana was on the DirecTV show. We all hate James Lipton on “Inside The Actors studio” and Artie wonders how Ilana would answer. Ilana thinks Artie is a genius for his rib eating. Dan reminds Artie that Ilana is diarrhea in a commercial. We break for a pizza. Artie wants us all to watch that bitch Nicolle on 600 lbs. life. Ilana talks about her life and career. Ilana has a couple of Tracy Morgan stories. Ilana just did Kevin James new show and they want Artie. Ilana talks about her dad and being on “Last Comic Standing”.

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