Artie and the gang record from St. Louis. (Once again our apologies guys there’s an audio problem on the remote unit that will be fixed tomorrow) for a pre-show podcast. We have Russ Meneve, Dan the bad cop, Paul Morrissey, and our buddy Chad from St. Louis. Artie is pissed at the Hoboken Pizza Place. He calls every day with the same order. Artie tells the pretzel story from high school with Dan the bad cop there. Artie wants to delve into how Chad lives in St. Louis and wonders how he makes money? Chad and Russ get into a sex talk conversation about Zoloft. Russ says there is a BIG side effect. Russ wants to know something about his dad. Chad talks to Artie about therapy. Dan McGrath has beer — did he charge it on Falato’s credit card? Russ likes Chad after hanging out with him last night. Dan McGrath yells at the TV from his room. Paul gives us an update from the road. Paul went to see the NY Yankee’s in Spring Training. Russ is great with the ladies and everyone can confirm that! What does a Yankee look like? We have to do the show in St. Louis. Then our buddy Tim McKernan and his show “The Morning After” interview Artie Friday morning in St. Louis.

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