Hey Guys — we had a technical/audio problem in St. Louis that will be fixed when we are back in NYC. Thanks to Ed Silha for his help in making it listenable. Artie is joined by his childhood friend Dan McGrath for his birthday. The very funny Russ Meneve and Chad from St. Louis in St. Louis. Artie explains Dan and introduces Chad. Chad does a quick exam of Dan and Artie. Chad explains his schooling and tells us Sigmund Freud is dated. What does Artie want to do with Woody Allen and Tracy Morgan? The guys talk with Chad about suicidal thoughts. Artie is tired of watching television¬†with the pc sharks. Chris Hardwick didn’t stand up for Artie. Artie explains why the great Marx Brothers wouldn’t make it today. Artie gives some thoughts on President Trump. Chad is from Memphis and just went to Graceland. In Part 2 of today’s show, Artie plays his in studio interview with John Carney on KTRS in St. Louis.

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