Artie is back from St. Louis and in Hoboken with Johnny Styne. Artie is sick of the millennial’s phrases and tells us a girl tried to get him to say one. Artie tells us a joke about a buddy in Disney World. Ainsley Earhardt from’Fox and Friends’ has written a new book and you know the two guys hate her. Artie saw Michelle Pfeiffer do something extraordinary one time with a M&M. Artie starts to talk about his personal life but stops. Loverboy is on a commercial and WOW does the lead singer look bad. Artie talks a little about St. Louis. We were in St. Louis when the great Chuck Berry died. The St. Louis fans were great but what is going on there? Artie talks about “Hail, Hail Rock and Roll”. Chicago had Mike Royko and NYC had Jimmy Breslin who recently died. Artie had a connection with him. The Howard Stern ‘Buttaface’ contests were brutal. Johnny has written some jokes for Artie to do as Rodney.

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