Artie is joined by Dave Juskow, who will be on Crashing this week, and Anthony Bozza. Deion Sanders could deliver, and does Artie look like Susan Boyle? Artie misses an audition for the touch of a beautiful young woman. Artie wants to dissect Melania Trump’s life. We hope the Billy Joel family doesn’t listen to the podcast! Artie wants to tell Dave his┬áJames Caan story. “Manchester By The Sea” sucked. Where is Tan Falato? Dave tells a story with Artie and the ‘voice’ of Archer. Our buddy Todd Barry will accept a ride home with anyone. What has happened to Heather Locklear? We discuss when someone is a goat for a sports team. Charles Manson’s and Rick James’ role in history also come up. Dan hit a home run? What do the Griffey’s say about destiny? Dave isn’t impressed. Artie wants to talk about parrots and opium which leads to a heartfelt story about himself.

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