Artie welcomes our buddy Sam Morril as well as two young comics Scott Chaplain and Ryan Beck. Artie asks what Scott and Ryan are up to. There will be a new show like ‘Guy Code’ called ‘High Crimes’. Artie and Sam talk about St. Louis. Artie and the guys have way different eating habits. Sarah Silverman is not only an amazing comic she is still beautiful. Who are the guys that complain on reddit? Do anyone think they look like Brad Pitt? We are watching basketball. Inevitably we discuss Dennis Rodman going to North Korea and his time with the Chicago Bulls. Artie brings up Dave Attell. Artie makes the guys watch 600 lbs. life. These are all people in the south. Do you think Muddy Waters ate well? Artie has seen some gross things in casinos. Sam talks about his podcast.

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