Dan has this move that he does and then watches every Chicago sports team. Harry Caray joins us. Artie found out something has been written that uses him as an example. It’s a story about NYC. Censorship is all around us people and it will be here forever. I’m sure some people will think we are better off. We are sure a few words will leave society. Comedy will be changed forever and this will be the last generation of comedy as we know it. David Geffen is in charge of show business and you don’t want to piss him off. Everything will be Will & Grace and plus isn’t there a new one? Artie asks Dan what is “This Is Us”? Artie saw it on the DVR. Could Eddie Murphy make it today? Bill Maher is such an ass. Whenever Artie and Gilbert are together there is a third person who stays out of it. While Judd Apatow was receiving an award Artie tells you what he was doing. NSYNC is going to tour again.

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