The Great Bob Saget joins Artie and they hit the ground running with a rumor that Artie has heard.  Bob and Artie discuss all that Artie has survived.  They both agree than a R-rated ‘Dirty Work’ would have been better.  Artie tells Bob why Don Rickles grabbed his chest on the set.  Bob tells Artie how great he is in Crashing.  Why is Bob on tour? Will there ever be a ‘Dirty Work 2’? Artie asks Bob whom he likes in show-biz?  Bob and Letterman were friends, do they still hang out?  Bob tells his side of the famous “driving Artie’s car” story. Artie wants to know about Fuller House and Bob wants Artie on.  We need a few John Stamos sex stories.  Bob starts to tell Artie his love for him and something happens.

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