Artie and Dan start out with some Anderson Cooper talk. Artie bets he has great hygiene. Artie has an idea for a new remake of a movie. The New Black Swan. What is going on with Cam Newton? What is Anderson’s house like? Artie talks with Jillian Barberie. Is she ready to date Artie now? Jillian talks her love of Artie on all his projects. Who owns Artie and Jillian’s websites? It’s Asian sites that own their URLs.  Artie welcomes Jackie Martling, but first he is very upset at Boston fans. Artie and Jackie talk the Stern days.  Jackie shares a secret he never told anyone. The Jackie puppet is discussed, as well as Artie and Jackie’s contributions to the show. They’re both worried about Robin Quivers. Artie and Jackie paid dues!! The two share more fun comedy stories. Artie has a new book idea for Bill O’Reilly.

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