We are joined by our buddy Mario Bosco. Artie talks about the White House Press Corp. Artie recalls a black friend from high school. Artie orders Dan to buy hand towels. Mario said Dan told him that he had to pay for his uber because we were broke. Dan is livid and demands that Mario read him the text. Mario is caught in a lie. Artie worries about the country under Mike Pence. We have a picture of El Chapo and he looks like someone we know. Artie is tired of people telling him not to spend his money. Artie tells you why you might have seen a rasta guy on some of his television shows. There are two places you can still be a racist and Artie tells you where. Jesse Watters sucks! Why does Mario have a King Kong button on, and is it racist? Artie’s Mom has a hot russian woman living with her and Artie has Dan. How did this happen?? We need to count the words Mario said in the podcast, and see if he is worth the Uber by percentage. Mario was accepted to a prestigious acting school. He has some private messages.
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