Our buddy Johnny Styne joins us as well as Dick Nixon. Artie tells us the legend of Kaiser Permanente – we had it all wrong! Johnny tells us about the short film he put in for “The Howard Stern Film Festival”. Artie talks about the Steve Harvey memo to his staff and reads it aloud. We just saw another burglar alarm commercial. Look at those actors! Artie’s buddy Paul Mecurio is on CNN, and the woman has no clue what he’s talking about. Paul is just trying to be funny. Steve Harvey Fierstein joins us. Artie talks about Ice T. What was Babe Ruth like with women? We get back to the topic of Paul concerning the Comedy Cellar podcast and a fight that started. Dan Naturman and Paul went at it. Howard took a day off and there are “rumors”. Artie talks about an odd encounter they had.

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