Artie posted some tweets and people didn’t get it. Artie tells you why he tweets some things. Artie has been invited by Norm Macdonald to be on his podcast. Artie talks about some actors that he feels could have been good as James Bond. Did Lou Ferrigno ever get a look? Dan tells of a day he got a call from Ken Kohl concerning a Paula Dean story in the news. Artie got a letter from his old manager. Artie has an idea for his old manager’s company. Artie gets creeped out by watching Rush Limbaugh broadcast from his house. Artie got hired by MadTV because of his impression of Rush which made Quincy Jones laugh. Q is the coolest. He and Frank were good friends. Kamal from ‘The Jerky Boys’ went to see his dad. It wasn’t pretty. We are having too many people steal the podcast. We had an outside company look at it. Artie wants to continue to do it, but he has to break even. Artie is having remodeling done and the head guy reminds him of someone. Artie is raw and real on this podcast. This is the funniest podcast around and he and Dan love doing it. Artie loves Maron but this is funnier! Here is the deal quitters, more tomorrow!

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