Artie welcomes the very funny and recent newsmaker Wil Sylvince as our guest. Wil taped the news woman in Philly flipping out on the cop outside of Helium Comedy Club. They talk about ladies. Artie asks how he ended up trading hot women’s ass for Dan’s? Wil has opened for Katt Williams. Wil says he is great to work for. Wil loves Artie in Crashing! Wil tells the story of the video all over the internet today. The guys talk about Camden N.J. What does Wil think of the Bill Maher apology? Artie talks with Wil about girlfriends. They talk rap music. Did Eddie Murphy and Elvis want to get less women? Patrice O’Neal lived with Will for 4 years and he talks about him. We play the video.

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