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Episode 349 – Artie and Dan: Mario’s Scam, Close Talkers, Hating Technology

Artie is NOT Mario Bosco with the headphones. Artie has figured out Mario’s scam. Artie talks about Paris and how Italians and Jews need to watch the big asses. Artie remembers that he didn’t know what Howard Stern looked like. Artie imagines how Glenn Beck got hired at Fox as well as┬áthe other hosts. We discuss Dana Perino and her dog. Artie talks about a close talker comedy club owner that hit the jackpot. Bill Maher and his barista. He loved how Obama didn’t do Bill’s show until the last week. Artie doesn’t like technology. ‘The Godfather’ comes to Howard Stern and SNL by way of The Turk! What is it about the name Marci?

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