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Episode 385 – Artie and Dan on Aaron Hernandez and Podcast Wars

Hey Patriots¬†fans, do I have a story for you! Aaron Hernandez did what? Artie likes the New England area. He always does well there, but the country started there and some crazy things go on! Ted Kennedy joins the show, but then Lisa Lampanelli joins in. Artie has a tip for Justin Theroux. Artie and Dan are not good looking but Dan thinks he’s OK. The Ernie Banks of terrorists. Why can’t Artie be dumb because then he wouldn’t think about things so much? Well I think we are in some type of podcast war, but we didn’t know it. Kevin Brennan and Dave Juskow are mad at us. Dan likes to give Artie bad news about comedians. Dan is Artie’s Matt Drudge. Crazy political shit is going on!

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