There are a couple of hundred podcasting apps between the Apple Store and Google Play and we haven’t tried all of them.

The Apple Store doesn’t allow password protected podcasts, so we can’t put it in there and the Apple Podcasting app that came with your phone won’t get it done.  Hopefully they’ll change that soon but for now you’ll need a third party app.

Here are our recommended apps on each platform that are verified working:

Apple – Get it from the App Store

  • Downcast – $2.99 but really nice with no Ads
  • Instacast – Free
  • RSS Radio – Free

Android – Get it from Google Play

  • DoggCatcher – $2.99 – no ads
  • Podcast Addict – Free

With Podcast Addict, you’ll need to use a special format to subscribe.




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This is Artie Lange like you've never heard him before (unless you've seen his live act in comedy venues); Artie unleashed from the confines of commercial TV & radio. His new show, on demand, features a parade of very funny people: comedians, celebrities, everyday FOA's (friends of Artie) and, oh yeah, Artie himself.


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